The Wrap, 20 February 2023
The heavy European presence in recent years (at the Oscars) is driven by the rising prominence of the continent’s voting bloc.
Vogue, 28 February 2023
Campaigning is something of a fine art—it’s the exact combination of ads, high-profile interviews, and glad-handing at events that will result in a coveted nomination, or even a win.
The Town, 1 March 2024
Today’s awards campaigns are not that different from a political campaign. To really do it properly you need a narrative, a story to tell potential voters and the media.

we offer



Made-to-measure, based on the film, its narrative, its story, its voice…


The challenge to reach voters globally instead of “locally”.


Looking beyond the Academy Awards.


Consists amongst others of coaching, consultancy and communication.


  • Help you determine the narrative, the story to tell potential international voters and the media.
  • Coach the filmmaker on conveying this narrative to different international audiences, ranging from a national selection committee to specific groups of voters. But also making sure that the narrative is in tune with the filmmaker’s distinct voice.
  • Coach the filmmaker how to work the room at receptions, galas…


  • Help you determine the ideal festivals, screenings, parties and precursor or award show strategy to gain maximum visibility, as well as assist you to reach out to these festivals and shows prior to deadline.
  • Guide you when it comes to tracing a North American distributor or finding a US awards publicist.
  • Help you determine additional potential campaign support and look at possible sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
  • Guide you through the different rules and regulations.


  • Organize regional or global publicity.
  • Organize by invitation only voter screenings in several cities outside the US known for their high concentrations of voters.
  • Reach out to international voters and media.
  • Advise you on, and assist you with buying media space.
  • Produce materials to be sent out (via approved mailing houses, if applicable).

There’s however no one-size-fits all approach.

After thorough analysis, the FYC Academy develops a package that is based on an individual film’s specific requirements, specificities and challenges.

That is what we pride ourselves in. That is what we’re good at.

The New Yorker, 29 February 2024
It’s an elaborate song and dance, and as years go by, the more they directly resemble political campaigns, the degree to which you’re putting yourself forward to be someone’s candidate, to be best, to be voted for.
Vanity Fair, 28 October 2021
The increasingly international Academy membership is changing who gets nominated for the Oscars, and how they pull it off.